Ever thought the Mercedes-AMG G63 needed a bit more bling?

By topgear, 06 May 2020

One thing the Mercedes-AMG G 63 doesn’t lack is presence, but that hasn’t stopped Stuttgart-based tuner Hofele-Design from glitzing it up a bit.

Check out that new body kit. Hofele says it includes a “tasteful application of carbonfibre” on the bumpers, arches and side steps. And whilst we’re on the subject of side steps, you might have noticed something unusual going on here…

Hofele didn’t want to lose the G 63’s now-iconic side-exit exhausts, but it also wanted electronically-controlled side steps that deployed when the door was opened – allowing for easier access than on the standard AMG G.

The result is exhaust tips that are built into the step and move up and down when the door is opened. We’re not sure what to think here – help us out in the comments below.

Elsewhere there are the usual tuner-design elements – including massive 24-inch forged wheels, a carbon diffuser of sorts and some admittedly rather cool roof-mounted LEDs.

The interior has been completely retrimmed with new leather and Alcantara too, and Hofele says customers can choose between four, five and even six-seat layouts. Although handily it hasn’t given us any pictures of the rear seats in any configuration.

That 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 stays the same though, so there’s still 585hp, 848Nm of torque and a manufacturer’s warranty. What do you reckon, Internet?

STORY Greg Potts

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