Our Author

David Khoo

David is a big petrolhead who has been dabbling in the car trade since 2001 and currently oversees Top Gear Singapore. His stories often take an eclectic slant from the predictable, and he's able to craft a compelling read that lets you see the cars (often old!) in a new light.

TopGear Singapore

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Jay Tee

As a teenager, Jay bought and amassed almost three years’ worth of TopGear magazines. Now a part of the team, he writes and talks about anything with four wheels and an engine (or an electric motor). Doesn't fully get TikTok, makes TikToks anyway. Rumour has it, his first word was “car”.

Check out his Instagram and TikTok at @Jayyteejy



Clifford Chow

Clifford has been heavily involved in the car scene since 2016, and has a soft spot for diesel engines. He can often be found climbing over a car just for pictures in the far reaches of the island, and has a strange affinity for iced milk tea.



Samantha Loh