Check out this rad bulletproof G-Wagen limo

By topgear, 18 August 2020

The AMG G63 is far from a shrinking violet, but how does one go above and beyond the standard tuning fare to stand out from the crowd? Well, it turns out that one would need to give Toronto-based protectionists Inkas a call.

That’s because Inkas has just unveiled this – an armoured and stretched G-Wagen complete with side-exit exhausts and that wonderful 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 585hp and 848Nm of torque.

It’ll need all that power too, because the G is now over six metres long (with a wheelbase over four metres long) and has enough ballistic protection to stop fire from a 7.62mm hi-power rifle and the explosion of two DM51 hand grenades. Sounds peaceful.

There’s also reinforced door hinges, reinforced suspension and runflat tyres in case things get a little heated. 

Despite the elongation it’ll only seat four, but that’s because Inkas has gone with reclining captain’s chairs in the back. There’s huge amounts of Alcantara and top-grain leather too, as well as a 4K ultra-high-definition TV, a motorised bar with a built-in cool box, a premium audio system and a customisable ‘daylight headliner’ that apparently mimics real-life sunlight. 

The price? A snip at just €1million. What a bargain…

STORY Greg Potts

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