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Not everybody wants to look like a fitness freak – the Soleus Thrive lets David Khoo stealthily keep tabs on his workout

These days, fitness often takes a back-seat to fitness fashion, especially with so much gear these days devoted to the task of conspicuous activity – after all, to some people, it’s far easier to look like you work out than well, actually working out.

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The Soleus Thrive is a pint-sized power-packed wrist-strapped activity monitor (whew, that was a mouthful of a workout to start with!) that blends into your casual/work ensemble and is a perfect companion for those of us who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, yet attempt to squeeze in small bouts of workout throughout the workday and weekend. In all-black, it can be worn alongside your haute-watch (the Thrive’s silicone band and plastic construction means it will take abuse well), and is thin enough to fit under a long sleeve shirt or French cuffs.

However, don’t be fooled by its sleek, nondescript looks, since the Thrive not only monitors the number of ‘steps’ one takes in a day – like most of these trackers – it also allows you to calibrate your strides to add a greater degree of precision to your tally, so not having GPS becomes a minor inconvenience at worst.

Used in conjunction with the Soleus App (both iOS and Android systems are supported and a new App has been created that should be out within a month), the calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns can be arranged in a graphical format when Bluetooth-synced with your smartphone, with ‘best’ results shared with your friends or flossed on social media for the whole world to see. Best of all is its optic heart rate monitor, which works with a pulse sensor to detect and track your heart rate everywhere you go without the constraint of a chest-strap – hence its tagline #gostrapless.


The Thrive isn’t, ahem, ‘solely’ an activity monitor either, because it packs the wallop of a smart-watch. Incoming calls, SMSes and other message notifications can be pushed to the Thrive, which is useful if you’ve left the phablet in the gym locker, or just don’t want to be one of those types who constantly checks their phones in the company of friends and family.

[For more details, visit www.crystaltime.com.sg]

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