Cycle & Carriage sets up rental service at Changi Airport

By mutasim, 23 January 2024

Cycle & Carriage sets up rental service at Changi Airport

Singapore - Vehicle distributor Cycle & Carriage is now offering customers the option to rent out their cars from Changi Airport, catering to the ever-growing growing tourist demographic.

Their car rental platform, called myCarriage, is set to open a new counter at Terminal 3, making it their second physical branch in Singapore after the first one was established at 209 Pandan Gardens.

The rental process is straightforward and convenient for users. Customers can select their preferred cars or narrow down their options via the myCarriage online portal before going to the branch.

They will have the opportunity to rent out a diverse range of automobiles, ranging from basic crossovers such as the Kia Stonic, to flagship sedans like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Those looking to rent commercial vans will also be glad to know that such vehicles are readily available in the fleet.

Even brands like BMW and Tesla, which are not officially carried by Cycle & Carriage, are represented in this rental arm.

According to Cycle & Carriage, the process of booking a car online to car collection can be as short as two hours, with the added option (at a cost) of having it delivered to your doorstep.

Other useful add-ons include the provision of cash cards, child seats, and even pick-up services.

And to ensure that the car is in tip-top condition when you collect it, it is cleaned and disinfected by professional staff. 

While there is a minimum period of one day for short-term rentals, myCarriage also provides long-term leasing solutions for interested customers.

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