Porsche Studio Singapore Opens at Guoco Midtown

Guoco Midtown, Singapore - When is a car showroom not a car showroom? Well, when it’s the Porsche Studio Singapore, that’s when!

Porsche Singapore introduces fans of the brand to a two-storey, ~8500 square feet experiential retail concept that welcomes all patrons with open arms, as it boasts plenty of nooks and spaces to lounge and linger in.

Yes, even those who aren’t necessarily looking to buy a car in the near future.

The emphasis is on ‘experience’, so you won’t have to worry about being harangued by pushy, predatory salespeople who eye you as you gravitate from point to point.

Like the Geniuses at the Apple Store, the Porsche Pros offer a human element to the product education and information, as opposed to digital self-service.

With new Porsches pushing S$400k and up, we reckon the interested buyer prefers to deal with a person and not a PC.

After all, we all know that the truly evocative automobiles are sold through emotional connection and relationships – don't forget, you’re not buying an appliance.

One of the brand’s popular tag lines is ‘Driven by Dreams’, and the new Porsche Studio Singapore at the Guoco Midtown certainly helps drive many towards their dreams… if their dreams happen to revolve around a double espresso and some delectable form of confectionery from Baker & Cook, that is!

We’re only partly joking, but yes, Baker & Cook operates Cafe Carrera, so there are F&B stations on both floors and a reasonably extensive food and beverage menu, which encompasses everything from sweet to savoury.

Judging by the buzz from the foot traffic on the few days we popped by before the official launch, Porsche Studio Singapore certainly attracts an eclectic mix of patrons that is welcome to enjoy the indoor and alfresco areas.

We reckon a big part of this is because Porsche Studio Singapore is seen as a place in which to chill and hang out, rather than the purely transactional vibe you experience at your average car showroom.

As you approach the main entrance, the first things to catch your eye aren’t just the cakes and confectionary display, but also whatever drool-worthy Porsche is currently on display (we saw 718 Spyder and 356C) – instead of a conventional sales counter.

Jokes and sweet treats aside though, it’s very hard not to be awestruck by the many testaments to the Porsche brand, with memorabilia and merchandise strategically positioned in areas that attract the most number of lingering visitors.

The reception counter is unobtrusive, so it isn’t the first thing that hits you when you enter and then you take in the caged display just beyond it.

This lift transports cars between first and second floors, but also doubles as a static display platform for up to two cars (one on each floor) when it isn’t in use.

Accessed by a staircase that runs alongside the display ‘cage’, the second floor of the Porsche Studio Singapore is designed with small pockets of seating areas to facilitate more intimate discussions.

However, the areas can also be reconfigured for more collaborative style dialogue sessions or private events, if so desired.

There’s a good mix of pockets of spaces on the upper floor, which opens into an expansive display and exhibition area.

The Exclusive Manufaktur configuration corner, a private discussion room, racing sims and a reference area in which to enjoy one’s Cafe Carrera order all help create a dynamic ambience that blends hustle and bustle with the business of helping you realise your dream Porsche…


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