This is your last chance to buy a Morgan Plus 4

By topgear, 23 January 2020

Welcome to the last of the old-school Morgans. In 2020 the 111-year old company will halt production of the popular Plus 4 and its steel ladder chassis after some 70 years, making way for more models based on the same bonded aluminium structure as the new and quite good Plus Six.

To celebrate, or rather commemorate, this death, Morgan is building 20 70th Anniversary Edition Plus 4s. Each car gets a gold-painted chassis, satin grey wire wheels, ‘Platinum Metallic’ paintwork and a motorsport-inspired front valance among other things. Inside you’ll find special leathers and woods, plus a plaque and embroidery identifying your 70th Anniversary Edition as a last-of-the-line Plus 4.

Happily it’s a bit faster, too. Morgan’s “in-house motorsport specialist” Aero Racing have increased power from the 2.0-litre Ford engine from 154 to 180bhp, cutting the 0-95km/h time to “less than seven seconds”. You also get a sports exhaust with ceramic tips for better noise. Everything else is standard Plus 4 – meaning a 5spd manual gearbox from Mazda, rear-wheel drive and a sub-tonne kerbweight.

Of course all 20 have already been sold. So you can’t buy one. Sorry. But Morgan is keen to point out there are still a few floating around in its dealer network. Best be quick, though.

STORY Tom Harrison

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