The Triumph Stag and Morgan 4/4 have been electrified

By topgear, 16 April 2021

Welcome to Now That’s What I Call A British Sports Car: Volume 4. The delightful 1976 Triumph Stag and 1957 Morgan 4/4, here treated to a healthy, very modern dose of electricity.

Oxford-based company Electrogenic has revitalised these Brit sportscar icons using its own EV tech, in order to “bring out the best characteristics in the cars” and allow them to be used “guilt-free, even in our cities, for years to come”.

The two cars you see here are customer commissions, but Electrogenic will build a bespoke set-up if you’re considering electrifying your own tucked-away classic. Both have had their engines binned (obviously), replaced by a 37kWh battery up front, powering a high-voltage, brushless electric motor delivering 108hp (80kW) and 235Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

The manual gearboxes remain on both, with Electrogenic claiming a range of 240km on a single charge. It says the Morgan EV is the first professionally converted car (don’t forget Morgan has itself committed to electrified models in the future).

We’re told the conversions have been kept in line with the capabilities of the original cars – hey, no laughing at the back – optimising weight distribution by not using too many batteries so that it handles just like in the old days. Interiors remain relatively untouched too.

Reckon this ‘converting a classic into an EV’ thing will ever catch on?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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