The new BMW M2 goes on sale in Singapore

By jaytee, 09 May 2023

The new BMW M2 goes on sale in Singapore

Singapore - The cult favourite of BMW M aficionados and the best-selling BMW M model makes a return. The latest G87-generation BMW M2 is now on sale in Singapore, and it’ll set you back S$380,000 before you factor in COE.

If the aforementioned accolades are reason enough for you to part ways with half a million in Singapore legal tender, we’d fully understand why.

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The all-new second-generation BMW M2 is the smallest full-bore M car from the Bavarian marque, and it retains much of the charm that the prior generation car is revered for.

The first generation F87 M2 used a derivative of the prior generation M235i’s straight-six, while the M2 Competition and M2 CS of the generation used the full-bore S55 engine from the F80/82’s M3/M4.

However, in this G87 generation, BMW M has opted to outfit the M2 with the same 3.0-litre straight-six powertrain in the current M3/M4.

In the M2’s application, the twin-turbocharged 3.0-Litre churns out 460 horsepower and 550Nm of torque. Power figures which are lower than that of the M4 Competition’s 510hp/650Nm, but the M2 shares the same front and rear track widths as the larger coupe. However, the M2’s 1725kg kerb weight is identical to that of the M4’s.

That being said, the M2’s smaller footprint means it makes short work of corners, as we found out in our first-drive review of the M2. The M2 is over 200mm shorter than the M4, and it has a 110mm shorter wheelbase than the larger car.

In fact, the M4’s 2,747mm wheelbase is only a meagre 2.7cm longer than that of the E46 M3 CSL. A car which we hold in high regard as one of the best M vehicles to grace the streets.

The cabin of the M2 would be a familiar place if you’ve been in the current M240i Coupe. A vast majority of the touchpoints are similar, but the M2 gets a curved display (which includes a 12.3-inch gauge cluster and 14.9-inch infotainment screen) as you get in the BMW i4.

But as an M car, it also gets several M-specific embellishments such as the customisable drive mode toggles on the steering wheel, a unique gear selector for the 8-speed transmission and carbon fibre trim panels adorning the dash and centre console.

All things considered, the cabin is broadly similar to that of the latest M3 Touring we tested earlier this year, albeit with the more compact dimensions and tighter back seats of the 2er Coupe.

According to BMW Singapore, there will be a ‘Purist’ spec M2 that comes with an assortment of M goodies such as lightweight carbon bucket seats (which shave an additional 10.5kg off the standard seats), an M race track package which grants a buyer access to the 285km/h top speed and perhaps the most enthusiast centric option in the M2 options list - a 6-speed manual transmission.

So yes, you could get an M2 with three pedals and a stick. But we’d have to wait a little longer before pricing details are revealed. Salivating yet?

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