Here are the powertrain details for the Smart #3... Brabus version takes just 3.7s to do 0-100km/h

By topgear, 06 September 2023

Following full homologation, Smart has now released details on the powertrains for its second new electric vehicle (EV), the Smart #3. The all-electric SUV-coupe will have two powertrain options and four trim levels.

We already knew a fair bit about the Smart #3 in terms of styling, interior comfort and tech. Now, the brand tells us a 200kW motor – supported by a 66kWh battery – will power the three mainstream trim levels, Pro+, Premium and 25th Anniversary Edition. 

That’ll shift the Smart #3 from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds, through a rear-wheel-drive configuration pushing 343Nm torque.

The more potent 315kW set-up, with two motors (200 on the rear axle, 115 on the front) is specially reserved for the Brabus performance edition. With the same 66kWh lithium nickel cobalt manganese battery, it covers 0-100km/h in an expeditious 3.7 seconds with all-wheel-drive and 542Nm of torque. 

To give context, the Tesla Model Y estimates torque around 660Nm in Long Range Performance guise. 

Speaking of range, the Smart #3 can cover 435 or 454km (WLTP combined). The Model Y claims 455 (or 530km Long Range). So competitive. Ish.

Dirk Adelmann, head honcho at smart Europe said: “To be unconventional has always been part of Smart's identity. With the Smart #3, we are expanding our offering in the category of all-electric compact SUVs, meeting all driving needs in the city and in suburban environments, while at the same time moving towards a sportier coupé design. We are excited about the impact our first SUV coupé will have on the European market.”


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