Borneo Motors Singapore & SP Group in pilot programme to promote sustainable mobility solutions in Tengah

By topgearsingapore, 30 June 2022

Borneo Motors Singapore & SP Group in pilot programme to promote sustainable mobility solutions in Tengah

Singapore - Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) – the authorised Toyota distributor in Singapore – and SP Group (SP) – a leading utilities group and sustainable energy solutions provider in Asia Pacific – have announced a long-term partnership to jointly develop and promote cost-effective and flexible electrified vehicle sharing and leasing programmes for the upcoming Tengah township, Singapore’s first integrated smart energy town.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the two is intended to accelerate Singapore’s transition to green mobility by providing a range of schemes for electrified car-sharing and car- leasing over the next five years.

BMS will offer drivers within the Tengah township a full range of electrified vehicles and tap on SP's extensive fast-charging electric vehicle charging network, which spans over 535 charging points across 135 locations in Singapore.

The vehicle-sharing pilot is expected to be launched in June 2023, with up to eight electrified vehicles (comprising hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric like the bZ4X pictured below) on offer from BMS that Tengah residents can book through the SP App. The SP App will allow drivers to locate the nearest charging point, track the charging progress and make payment virtually.

Usage data will be collected under the auspices of this collaboration to further electrification research relating to driving patterns, EV consumption patterns and EV preferences.

“Our collaboration with SP Group aligns with the Singapore government’s Singapore Green Plan 2030 and demonstrates our commitment to contributing to Singapore’s net zero future,” said Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China.

She continues, “With this initiative, we combine our expertise in electrified vehicles with SP Group’s eco charging solutions to embark on a significant step in steering the nation towards a more responsible and sustainable way of living. This is a giant leap not only for the industry but for the entire ecosystem which we are honoured to be leading.”

Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group said, “We are enabling a clean energy future for Tengah by integrating our comprehensive suite of smart and sustainable energy solutions across the township. Our partnership with Borneo Motors Singapore aims to accelerate the growth of green mobility for residents, offering them accessibility, convenience and reliability through our EV fast-charging network. The insights obtained through the initiatives will enhance our capability to better design and develop EV infrastructure and solutions to support Singapore’s electrification journey.”

SP plans to install EV charging points in up to 10 per cent of all parking lots in Tengah Park, Garden and Plantation districts by 2030, which gives Tengah residents even more incentive to consider adopting an electrified vehicle.

PHOTOS Borneo Motors Singapore / David Khoo

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