BMW M2 confirmed for Singapore, and there is a 6-speed manual!

By Clifford Chow, 17 January 2023

BMW M2 confirmed for Singapore, and there is a 6-speed manual!

Singapore - BMW has confirmed that the second generation M2 will hit our shores in the second quarter of 2023. The new M car will be built alongside the 2 Series Coupe, at the BMW Group’s San Luis Potosí plant in Mexico.

It’s going to be larger than the previous car, measuring some 4580 millimetres from nose to tail, making it 119mm longer, with an almost 50mm increase between the front and rear wheels. This is in modern day terms as close as you can get in dimensions to the E30 M3.

Wheels have been bunged out by 38mm at the front and 4mm at the rear, which “squares” the M2’s footprint, and actually matches M4 Coupe’s track widths… but unlike the M4 with its xDrive, the M2 is a RWD affair.

Under the bonnet, the signature in-line 6, produces 460hp (90hp more than the previous car) and 550Nm, the max torque band ranges from 2650rpm to 5970rpm, and the engine redlines at 7200rpm. There is also improved coolant duct routing, as the cylinder head is 3D printed, while the S58 engine, like the older S55, features a closed deck block design… meaning that you could probably safely milk even more out of it.

Drive is transferred to the rear wheels via a ZF-sourced M Steptronic 8-speed. Or, for those who love the purity of the drive, could opt for the BMW M2 Purist Edition (how apt a name) which is brung to you with a six-speed manual; and is equipped with the M Driver’s Package, which raises top speed from 250km/h to 285km/h… what a great package you’d have! *giggles*

The manual also receives Gear Shift Assistant, to reduce slip during downshifts while braking into corners. You could go even more “pure” here if you like, by deactivating this in the M Setup menu.

So here are some numbers for those who like numbers. The M2 with the 8-speed M Steptronic clocks 100km/h in 4.1 seconds, and reaches 200km/h in 13.5 seconds, while the 6-speed manual will do the same in 4.3 seconds, and 14.3 seconds respectively. All of this is put on the road via a 275/35 ZR19 and 285/30 ZR20, staggered front and rear setup.

All M2 cars will receive an Active M differential, which can lock the axle to the effect of 100 percent. The adaptive M suspension and M Servotronic variable steering are also standard features. Speaking about the steering, it will also come with the two programmable preset drive mode buttons, which you can customise in the M Setup menu. Apart from the M Laptimer, you can also go ahead and boost your ego, with the M Drift Analyser, where you can go off to tell your friends how much of a drift angle you can put out there.

At press time, we still have no news about how much the new G87 BMW M2 will cost, but expect it to go for something to the tune of mid to late four-hundred Ks, given the current high COE season.


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