Porsche Cayenne Coupe Platinum Edition Drive Review : Clifford, Canines and the Cayenne Coupe

By Clifford Chow, 24 May 2023

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Platinum Edition Drive Review : Clifford, Canines and the Cayenne Coupe

Singapore - When it comes to taking a short breather, nothing beats taking in the great outdoors. And while we all have our special go-to activities, for me, nothing is more special than spending time with my two best friends.

And when I say best friends, I’m referring to Kiba and Tsuki – a pair of rescues – who came under my loving care some three years ago. With them, every day is a learning journey and I can appreciate that I have also learnt new things about myself. 

While I enjoy my moments with my dogs, whether we are headed to the park to play, or to a cafe (dog friendly of-course), part of the pleasure of an outing with my two best friends is in the journey itself.

For me, a car is at its best when it is engaging enough to stir the senses, but it must also be as luxurious as it is practical. In other words, I could be asking for the sky when looking for a car that can do almost everything.

Perhaps that is why I am drawn to the Porsche Cayenne Coupe. It is in essence THAT do-everything car. I could go on all-day about its road presence, performance or even sportscar-like handling qualities.

However, the Cayenne Coupe is more than just another performance (do-everything) car. That golden badge represents 75 years of sporting heritage, paired with outstanding automotive know-how.

Simply hop into the cabin, and you are greeted by a neat, driver-centric dashboard. Like all other Porsche cars, it boasts an analogue rev-counter that takes centrestage, with the instrument binnacle’s twin digitised displays providing all the driver data at a glance.

And then, there is that thing about Porsche’s connection with Le Mans, being a 19-time winner. Of-course, while Porsche is a brand keen on keeping with tradition, it is good to see that it has a finger on the pulse of both the present and the future. 

There is a ‘key’ on the dashboard, close to the door – logically arranged, so once you have entered the car, you start the car with your right hand, and have your left readied on the shift lever – just like how racing drivers did, back in the day in their Le Mans cars.

Away from the Porsche Cayenne Coupe’s driver-centric details, it is engineered to be versatile from the ground up. Kiba and Tsuki, I believe, could not agree more, as they happily hop into that spacious boot.

With more than 700-litres of cargo space available, there is more than enough for both of them to lie down in. As for me, when I need my dose of Vitamin D, there is a panoramic sunroof at my disposal, which also lets me and my dogs set our sights on the stars when I drive home at night.

But before we begin our journey, I need to tell you more about this Cayenne Coupe that we are in, as it is a little different. If you are familiar with Porsche, you’ll appreciate it is not uncommon that they create special editions of their cars, with our demo Cayenne Coupe receiving a dollop of added style, all thanks to the special trim that comes with the Platinum Edition model.

Allow me to start with the 21-inch RS Spyder Design rims, unique across the range of Platinum Edition Cayenne models and quad Sports Tailpipes… sporty you might say? Well, I think they are a tasteful touch.

Even within the cabin, there are unique Crayon-coloured seat belts, which pair well with the textured aluminium package and silver trim. Even the door entry sills receive brushed aluminium treatment.

So I am always in search of a different dog run park, as the change of scenery is good for Kiba and Tsuki. A new hole to dig, different terrain and new dogs to socialise with. But also, I get to explore new places in-between. And since I have the Cayenne Coupe with me, it means that the journey is going to be even more entertaining. 

A 3.0-litre V6 lurks under the bonnet, which brings the Cayenne Coupe up to speed with authority thanks to its 340hp /450Nm. And while it is an activity vehicle, remember that it is first and foremost a Porsche, so it provides you with that tight handling you can enjoy on faster days… like a sportscar should. 

While I do appreciate that the Cayenne Coupe is designed to easily take on my spirited inputs, I also like that it is able to provide me with a relaxing drive. This is where the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) dials itself down, to provide more pliant damping.

An adjustable adaptive suspension is very important to me, because a comfortable chassis is always calming whenever I bring Kiba and Tsuki along for a ride. Ever seen a dog tottering around trying to balance in a car with a stiff suspension? It is definitely not a good experience for them.

I guess you can tell that my relationship with my dogs is important to me. On my off-days, I tend to spend an entire day bonding with them. You could call it payback for when I am at work.

Sometimes, going out with them can be for hours-on-end, which means it is often dark by the time we head home, or there are even days where the weather takes a turn for the worse. There is that peace-of-mind when we hop into the Cayenne Coupe to head home.

It is equipped with LED headlights, which include state of the art Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS). The PLDS ensures that you can look around the corner, with the help of both dynamic and static cornering lights illuminating where you are aiming the car at.

The increased visibility means that I have the advantage of more time to react. With its big wheels, the Cayenne Coupe is fittingly equipped with the solid stopping power of six-piston callipers in-front, and four-piston ones at the rear. Do you feel safe already? I know that I did.

The Cayenne Coupe is versatile in more ways than one. If you may, a sportscar wearing the clothes of an activity vehicle. But what means the most to me and my best paw-friends, is that it is created by some of the best guys in the business!



Engine 2995cc, V6, turbocharged
Power/rpm 340hp/5300-6400rpm
Torque/rpm 450Nm/1340-5300rpm
Transmission 8spd Tiptronic S auto
0-100km/h 6.0secs
Top Speed 243km/h
Fuel Consumption 11.7-12.5l/100km
CO2 266-283g/km

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