2022 Mini One 5-Door Frozen Brass Edition : Instrumental Brass

By Clifford Chow, 17 August 2022

2022 Mini One 5-Door Frozen Brass Edition : Instrumental Brass

Singapore - What fits into tiny spaces, is cute as a button, and often has a little bit of flair? No, I am not speaking about a former girlfriend whom I had a love-hate relationship with #truestory. 

Mini is often known to produce special editions of their vehicles, and recently, they announced the launch of a few new edition cars. Some of these even boast 3D printed bits… Simply because Mini. 

One of these special edition vehicles is this one here, the Mini One 5-Door Frozen Brass Edition. 

Mini takes what is a vanilla ‘One 5-Door’ model, and adds to it frozen brass Anglo-inspired accents; and this also includes a cool set of Union Jack-inspired side decals. Adding to the feels, the tailpipe and 17-inch Pedal Spoke wheels are coated in a lick of glossy black paint.

Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition - inside

The black theme continues on the inside, with Piano Black interior panels, and carbon black Leatherette seats. Even as a base model Mini, the sports steering wheel is wrapped in a layer of leather.

As-per the refreshed lineup, the Frozen Brass gets an 8.8-inch cluster touchscreen, set within an LED-lit ring. There is also a 5-inch digital instrument display, set within a rounded rectangle, as opposed to the full analogue display when this generation was first introduced.

While the front bucket-style seats are supportive, the rear quarters are best described as snug. The small hatchback’s 221-litre boot might be limited in size, but there is an adjustable floor, and the rear seats also fold flat, for some added flexibility.

Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition - driven

The Mini One 1.5 litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine produces 102hp and 190Nm. Having 102hp might be good news to some, as it qualifies for a Category A COE. 

While it is not at-all quick, we feel that there is enough grunt to get you around. This is especially if you are not one to squeeze the engine past its mid-rage, as the three-cyl will feel flat anywhere past 3600rpm. 

There is one major drawback of the engine. This is with the start-stop function, as the three-cyl judders more violently than a four-cyl when it restarts. Sure, you can solve this by shutting off the feature, but it will come at the cost of your 5.3L/100km (the 3-Door version of the Mini One does 5.2L/100km) fuel economy.

2022 Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition Singapore - Start switch
2022 Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition Singapore - Start switch

Even as a base car, the Mini One feels about as direct as its peers. It connects you with the road, in a way that not many cars can. The steering is quick, and somehow, the car eggs you on turn-after-turn. In most cases, the engine produces enough to keep that smile plastered on your face. 

But I have to warn that handling comes first. Comfort, takes second place.

2022 Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition Singapore - Gearshift lever
2022 Mini One 5 Door Frozen Brass Edition Singapore - Gearshift lever

In the 5-Door, you do not sit “as in the centre of the car”, as compared to the 3-Door. A small compromise to pay for added rear passenger leg space. But the way which the 5 Door version of the Mini turns is quite similar to the latter. You do sit further from the rear wheels, meaning that they do not communicate as sensitivity with your behind, like in the 3-Door.

The Mini One may be a “foot through the door” variant. But like its more costly peers, it is highly customisable. And every now-and-then, beyond what is already offered, special editions like this Frozen Brass Edition, could make any buyer feel like a kid in a candy store.

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2022 Mini One 5-Door Frozen Brass Edition

Engine 1499cc, inline3 turbocharged
Power/rpm 102hp/3900-6500rpm
Torque/rpm 190Nm/1380-3600rpm
Transmission 7spd Steptronic double clutch auto
0-100km/h 10.6secs
Top Speed 192km/h
Fuel Consumption 5.5-6.2l/100km (combined)
CO2 126-140g/km

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