Porsche’s 'Sonderwunsch' lets you design your own car

By topgear, 12 May 2021

Porsche has boosted its personalisation options and reinvigorated its Sonderwunsch programme for the bespoke supercar age. Established in the late Seventies (and translating as ‘special wish’), it’s been newly interpreted to essentially allow you – the customer with the overly fat wallet – to design your own car.

“We are aiming our offering specifically at customers who attach particular value to realisation of their personal dream vehicle by the Porsche factory and for whom the brand is part of their personal lifestyle,” says Alexander Fabig, Porsche’s head of Individualisation and Classic.

“Alongside the finished one-off, the focus of the newly created offering is on the joint creative vehicle development process. The customer becomes part of a project team consisting of experts from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, Porsche Classic and the Style Porsche design department.

“The customer experiences the development of their idea close up from the perspective of a project manager – from the first design sketch and the technical feasibility check through to construction of the highly individual sports car.”

It feels like one response to the ever-developing restomod scene, one which Porsche’s older products are a central tenet of. “Is anything possible?” Porsche asks itself, clearly in anticipation of what we’re all wondering.

“In principle yes, but based on extensive checks involving engineers, technicians, designers and also product strategy experts if necessary for assessment of the project. The most important prerequisites are the project’s safety and its compliance with legislation.”

Whatever you and Porsche’s design team concoct, it’ll be fully documented in the company history and represented in the Porsche Museum.

And if that sounds too overwhelming, then Porsche’s Tequipment parts business has been invigorated too. As well as making Manthey Racing’s ‘Ring-bashing 911 GT2 RS mods available, we can expect new bits for a wealth of older Porsches – with a new performance chassis for the 996-gen 911 and the mighty 959 hypercar first on the list. Wow.

There’s also potential for 3D-printed bucket seats matched to your own body (one way to accommodate those lockdown pounds). Porsche is keen to press there’s an off-road as well as on-track focus to its mods, a pair of Cayenne show cars displaying the former’s potential. Given ragged Mk1s currently start below £5,000, it’s proof the personalisation life isn’t necessarily out of mere mortals’ reach.

Interesting stuff, huh. So, what’ll your one-off Porsche look like?

STORY Stephen Dobie

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