McLaren confirms V8 hybrid supercars are on the way

By topgear, 11 May 2023

McLaren confirms V8 hybrid supercars are on the way

Exciting news in the world of manufacturer-supplier partnerships: McLaren and Ricardo will… continue their manufacturer-supplier partnership!

Jesting aside, the detail is intriguing, because it gives official confirmation that McLaren is working on a V8 hybrid powertrain for its future supercars, giving life to its eight-cylinder unit long into the future.

McLaren already does a hybrid engine – the 680hp, 3.0-litre V6 plus e-motor setup deployed to great effect in the Artura – so news of a V8 hybrid version should come as no great surprise. Indeed McLaren reckons 90 per cent of its supercars will be electrified in some way within five years.

The new unit will be designed by McLaren of course, assembled by Ricardo at its purpose-built factory in Shoreham-by-Sea.

Indeed Ricardo’s built approximately 34,000 engines for McLaren going back to the original 12C from 2011. “Our new high-performance, hybrid V8 powertrain will form an integral part of our ‘Future of Performance’ strategy and builds on the enduring relationship between the two British companies,” explains McLaren boss (and former Ferrari tech supremo) Michael Leiters.

How long into the future? Ricardo CEO Graham Ritchie said: “We are extremely pleased to have concluded this new engine supply agreement with McLaren automotive for their next-generation high-performance V8 powertrain, which extends the long-term relationship between both companies into the next decade.”

Bet you're excited about manufacturer-supplier partnership news now, huh?

STORY Vijay Pattni

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