Inchcape Singapore launches the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid

By jaytee, 06 October 2022

Inchcape Singapore launches the new Toyota Sienta Hybrid

Singapore - Here you go ladies and gents, Inchcape Singapore has launched the all-new Toyota Sienta Hybrid for the Singapore market. While the model designation may be familiar to some (if not most), this marks the first time that an official distributor has brought a hybrid variant of the Sienta to our market.

It also means that the new Sienta Hybrid is the only CAT A MPV with a hybrid powertrain being sold by an authorised dealer in Singapore.

From the looks of things, the new car has some additional plastic cladding that gives it a more rugged outlook and it looks considerably rounder and more bulbous than before. It still retains the familiar two-box shape and tall roofline, which means that interior space is very generous.

Like its predecessor, the window apertures are tall and wide, which does brighten up the cabin and makes it feel even more spacious than it already is. The dashboard itself has been redesigned, with a new infotainment screen and centre console. The instrument panel is now digitised, and the  Sienta now uses a more compact shift by wire gear lever. The interior seating configuration is also highly customisable, allowing owners to put up all 7 seats or leave the third bench stowed for more storage space.

Powering the new hybridised Sienta is a 1.5-litre engine from Toyota’s Dynamic Force engine range coupled with an electric motor. On paper, the car has an average fuel consumption figure of just 4.0L/100km, so you can drive for extended periods of time between visits to petrol stations.

The four-pot engine alone produces 114 horsepower and produces just 95g/km of CO2. As such, the Sienta Hybrid falls under the CAT A COE band and is eligible for a S$15,000 VES band A2 rebate. The new Toyota Sienta Hybrid will be available in two variants, an Elegance variant that retails for S$150,588 and an Elegance Dual Tone variant that retails for S$152,188 (prices accurate at the time of writing).

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