Gazoo Racing has given the Toyota GR 86 some wild mods

By topgear, 30 July 2021

It’s no real surprise that modified Toyota GR 86s are now coming thick and fast. What perhaps isa surprise, though, is that something so wild has been pumped out from an official channel.

You’re looking at Gazoo Racing’s take on a tuned GR 86. Which is odd given what the ‘GR’ bit of the standard car’s name represents.

Welcome to the Gazoo Racing Gazoo Racing 86, then, a mobile parts catalogue for the shiny bits you can sprinkle on your own 2+2 Toyota sportscar if you linger a bit too long at the till. In the car's Japan homeland, at least.

We’re promised it’s largely all functional, too. That splitter jutting out from the front bumper boosts front-end downforce. The carbon duct above it feeds more cool air to the 2.4-litre flat-four. The vents tucked behind the front wheel arches improve airflow down the side of the car.

We really ought to linger on those arches, too, because they’re 43mm wider and vastly change the stance of the GR 86. It looks a few GReddy stickers away from full drift spec. Those arches do a fine job of housing new 19in forged allow wheels, too.

Your gaze is probably fixed on the back of the car, though, where that humongous carbon wing is complemented by a carbon diffuser with some ankle-slicing addenda. There’s no word on what either showpiece does for the 86’s aero, but we’re told the quad exhaust tips in between are hooked up to a system that yields more efficiency.

If its GT86 predecessor is anything to go by, this GR GR 86 won’t have enjoyed any power upgrades. Not now, nor likely ever. So expect its 235hp and 250Nm peaks to remain unchanged if you’re unwilling to wheel it to a backstreet tuner with a spare turbo or two. There are suspension tweaks on offer, though, as well as some questionable carbon trim for the interior and key fob.

Scared witless, dangling the Gazoo parts catalogue over a shredder in an attempt to make this all go away? Well, leaf further to the back and you’ll find the car below – a subtler interpretation of what Gazoo’s extra bits can do. Though a late-Nineties issue of Fast Car called – it wants its ‘free petrol cap decal!’ cover giveaway back.

STORY Stephen Dobie

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