Brit firm Fifteen Eleven Design has recreated the Porsche 914 with a 400hp Cayman S

By topgear, 24 August 2023

A company called Fifteen Eleven Design has revealed a new car that celebrates an old entry-level one which when new was underpowered and not enormously successful. Welcome then, to a very-not-entry-level-anymore recreation of the Porsche 914, first previewed back in 2021.

Said company in charge of the build is the ‘prestige’ arm of WRC team Mellors Elliot Motorsport, who’ve been involved in various other restomods to date. Though there’s not much ‘resto’ in this mod.

Because it takes the 2005 ‘987’ Porsche Cayman S as its base, complete with its mid-mounted 3.8-litre six-pot boxer engine. We’re told this engine has been heavily reworked, deploying such luminaries as steel internals and forged pistons, plus a new ECU and power management system.

That results in between 380hp and 400hp, which is more than three times the performance of the original Porsche/VW 914 (‘twas a joint venture when both companies wanted an ‘entry-level’ model).

The sixer’s matched up to a 6spd manual gearbox, while the chassis itself has been upgraded with three-way adjustable coilovers – “usually found on World Rally Cars” – along with Porsche Brembo discs and calipers. Naturally there’s a new bespoke stainless steel exhaust system, 18in Fuchs wheels and sticky tyres.

Looks exactly how you’d imagine a modern version of the 914 too, thanks to carbonfibre body panels. Though there have been obvious tweaks: a subtly widened footprint and a bumper and bonnet redesign for better cooling. A rear ducktail spoiler. LED headlights and ‘Moby Dick’ driving lights too.

Fifteen Eleven has also decked out the spartan, commendably minimalist cabin with Recaros, lots of leather and redesigned the bulkhead for better legroom. All in, a much better offering than the original car.

Oh, and each one is of course, bespoke to each customer, available in either LHD or RHD.

“The Fifteen Eleven Design Porsche 914 has taken longer than we expected but it's not an exaggeration to say that we have strived for and delivered perfection in every area of the build; that of course takes time,” said Fifteen Eleven boss Ben Mellors.

“It's stunning to look at, but also to drive and we are proud to have brought together some of the latest technologies available, alongside some tried and tested classic elements to produce the ultimate Restomod for both driving experience and aesthetics.”

STORY Vijay Pattni

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