BMW is now doing ‘mixed reality’ driving experiences

By topgear, 12 November 2022

BMW is now doing ‘mixed reality’ driving experiences

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, as much as this driver’s eyes might be deceiving them – this is someone driving a new BMW M2 while wearing VR goggles. And it’s BMW’s idea, too. 

BMW calls it ///M Mixed Reality, which is not a typo, regardless of how much it might look like one, and promises "integrated gaming elements such as avoiding obstacles". As opposed to the real world, where we simply plough through them. 

Developed in tandem with Epic Games (the lot behind the likes of Unreal, Fortnite and Gears of War), BMW’s Mixed Reality is, in reality, driving a real BMW around a real skidpan while a VR headset paints a virtual track on top of it. 

From the video, the track looks like if someone did Mario Kart in the Unreal Engine – complete with collectable coins, in this case decorated with BMW roundels. Because of course. 

There’s no word yet if drivers can use the VR goggles to deceive their eyes further to put themselves behind the wheel of classic BMWs of the past – or indeed any BMW less ugly than the new M2. But in any case, we’re tipping that at least the force-feedback will be pretty decent. 

STORY Craig Jamieson

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