All electric BMW i4 Gran Coupe lands in Singapore

By Clifford Chow, 25 March 2022

All electric BMW i4 Gran Coupe lands in Singapore

Singapore - BMW launches the first-ever i4 today! A Gran Coupe bodied erm… coupe, the i4 might visually share plenty with its 4 Series Gran Coupe sibling (which we drove in Germany, click this blue stuff for ICE straight-six glory). However, underneath its practical four-door skin, the new i4 is based on a flexible vehicle architecture, designed to accommodate an all-electric drive system.

For now, Singapore gets the eDrive40 model, which delivers 340hp and 430Nm, rear-driven via a rear motor. With the current COE, and an A1 VES rating, the i4 eDrive40 retails for $311,888. BMW Singapore says that there will also be an i4 M50 AWD (two-motor) high(er) performance variant launched around the third quarter of this year.

“The BMW i4 is finally here to satisfy the growing appetite for more environmentally friendly vehicles in Singapore,” said Lars Nielsen, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia. “Based on a recent survey we conducted in Singapore, 87% of drivers believe owning electric vehicles (EVs) will contribute to a more desirable and environmentally conscious world by reducing carbon emissions. We completely agree and are on track to make this happen with the i4.

With 22% of the respondents expressing interest in purchasing an EV themselves, I am confident our first all- electric gran coupé will quench their thirst as they look to go green.”

The BMW i4 utilises an electrically excited synchronous motor, which does not have fixed permanent magnets, according to BMW, this is to reduce the dependence on rare metals, which in-turn reduces the environmental footprint when producing the i4. The BMW lconicSounds Electric integrates new sound variants, created by award-winning film music composer Hans Zimmer; we first heard one of his soundtracks in the BMW iX3.

Like the iX SAV, the i4 includes an intelligently connected drive management system, which works with both the navigation system and sensors used by the driver assistance, to manage the intensity of its regenerative braking.

While there are some interior bits in the i4, which are shared with the 4GC, the upper section of the dashboard sees a BMW Curved Display fully digital screen, seen on both the iX and the 2 Series Active Tourer. This comprises a 12.3-inch information display and a 14.9-inch control display, behind a glass surface, angled towards the driver. BMW’s Operating System 8 also makes its way into the i4, with improved touchscreen functionality and voice-recognising BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which learns as you use the system.

Under the floor, a 5th-generation BMW eDrive technology, comprises of new cell technology to which BMW says is about 20% denser than the BMW i3. The i4’s  80.7 kWh net energy content, its maximum range is rated at 590km.

With the Combined Charging Unit (CCU), there is flexibility on how you choose to charge the battery. DC fast charging is possible at up to 205 kW, and within 10 minutes, from a 10% charge, the i4’s range can be increased by as much as 164km. Additionally, BMW Group Asia is partnering with Shell, to offer owners either a comprehensive home or public charging package. Those who opt for a wall-mounted AC charger, wil get complementary installation, while those who opt for public charging, will enjoy a subscription package of 10,000 kWh for 3 years at Shell Recharge stations with no monthly cap for charging.

The i4’s wide variety of assistance systems like Active Cruise Control with automatic Speed Limit Assist, route monitoring and the Parking Assistant with Reversing Assistant, are just some of the good things you can expect to help make driving easier.

The BMW i4 eDrive40 is available now at BMW’s local dealership, Performance Motors.

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