TopGear Everyday Specials Vol. 2. Where we bring you everyday cars

By Clifford Chow, 25 August 2023

TopGear Everyday Specials Vol. 2. Where we bring you everyday cars

Singapore - If you have missed it, last year TopGear Singapore embarked on a quest to find the best everyday cars. While we are better known to swoon over things like driver appeal, tyre temperature, horse power, and of-course live to horse-around; we do love our everyday cars. Cars which you can say are more “grounded”. 

And that is why we created TopGear Everyday Specials. A series which honours the best day-to-day cars.

Last year, after much deliberation, infighting, and near-bloodletting, we came to agree that the winner of the first instalment of TopGear Everyday Specials, would be the Škoda Octavia Combi RS, The go-faster estate car, combined the practicality of the regular Octavia Combi, together with the rocket-red-hot performance of the Octavia RS fastback. Indeed, the RS-badged estate car was not only quick and practical, but it also came equipped with an innovative 15-stage adjustable sports suspension - a first in a Skoda Octavia RS.

For this year, TopGear Everyday Specials has twelve categories of cars. We bring you anything from B-segment runabout-ish SUVs, to Junior Executive-sized transport. Due to record-high COE prices, we have kept this year’s categories limited to nothing larger than Junior Executive cars. Performance vehicles have also not been included.

So, check out our qualifying cars, and join us, as we reveal which of these are the best in their individual categories; and of-course… Find out which car will be the overall winner of TopGear Everyday Specials Vol. 2!

The reveal will happen on 29th of September, 2023! So stay tuned!

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