Porsche World Road Show Singapore 2023 : It’s Showtime!

By davidkhoo, 19 May 2023

Porsche World Road Show Singapore 2023 : It’s Showtime!

Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore - What if I told you I’d be spending half a day sampling Porsches from a pool of more than 20 different current models on a closed circuit under the tutelage of Porsche driving instructors?

Don't believe me? Well, as you can see from the photos, the proof is in the pudding! 

The word ‘roadshow’ often conjures up static displays in shopping malls where the cars are polished and preen prettily for touchy-feely shoppers on busy weekends.

However, when Porsche bandies it about, it’s anything but…!

‘Porsche World Road Show’ (or PWRS for short) is the brand’s ‘touring’ test-drive programme, which aims to put prospects and owners behind the wheel of the current crop of Porsche models.

In fact, the only things ‘sitting pretty’ are the participants, who are plonked deep into the driver’s seat for a half-day of performance driving in a closed circuit, in our case, the grounds of the Changi Exhibition Centre (or CEC for short).

The only things hotter than the temperature that day were the Porsche sportscars on display, both for ogling and for driving. 

If you’re wondering, the Porsche World Road Show programme has been exported to five continents and 40-over countries – mostly locations without a Porsche Experience Centre. 

The 2023 Porsche World Road Show Singapore is intended to kick-off Porsche’s 75th Anniversary festivities in Singapore, with several other activities already in the works for the rest of the year that place an emphasis on customer experience.

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With a combined horsepower of over 10,000hp, the 26 cars brought in for PWRS Singapore are German-registered left-hand-drive demos you’re allowed to sample over a variety of closed-circuit handling, dynamic and even off-road exercises.

In case you’re wondering, there was no skid pan, but the half-day was filled with the stirring, evocative soundtrack of soaring nat-asp screamers and snorty turbo’d terrors at full-pelt, as well as every petrolhead’s interpretation of street art as the rubber left black streaks of squiggly graffiti on the asphalt.

Porsche fully recognises that the only way you can appreciate what its sportscars can do is if you drive them... and drive them hard, at that.

Too many brands attempt to organise fast-driving events, but balk at the cost of tyres, petrol or wear/tear, which is why Porsche has a fleet of demos reserved solely for the PWRS tour.

The programme also includes a convoy-led on-road session to demonstrate the cars aren’t just tarmac-munching monsters, but also comport themselves in a civilised manner on the road.

If you’re wondering, the selection of cars spans sportscars like the 718 and 911, activity vehicles like the Macan and Cayenne, the all-electric Taycan, as well as Porsche GT models like the 718 Cayman GT4 RS and Type 992 911 GT3 RS.

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Incidentally, Porsche Singapore used the occasion of the 2023 PWRS Singapore to launch the latest, 992-generation 911 GT3 RS in bewinged, full-aero regalia.

Unfortunately for the attendees, no test-drives were allowed, as it was deployed as an instructor-driven lead-car for the handling course.

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Another one that was ‘sent to the corner’ and not let out to play was the Cayenne Turbo GT Coupe, Porsche’s first ‘GT-grade’ Cayenne – looks like it's destined to remain a ‘must-drive’ on our list!

Photo: Porsche Singapore
Photo: Porsche Singapore

Of course, cars are just cars and as with almost all Porsche driving events we’ve attended so far, the folks in our group were like-minded proper petrolhead nutters more concerned with precision driving than scoring that precision shot for the ’Gram.

Why did I bring this up? Well, this is the exact thing about Porsche that we find so appealing: Regardless of age, gender, colour or creed, Porsche connects like-minded petrolheads together and fosters a sense of family and community that revolves around the iconic sportscar brand.

As they say, we came for the cars... but stayed for the people! 


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