Toyota has given the GR Yaris an actual price

By topgear, 05 March 2020

The new Toyota GR Yaris has a price. That price in the UK is £29,995. A lot for a Yaris, but potentially a bargain for what you’re getting.

Because what you’re getting borders on a homage to the mighty homologation specials of old. This is a four-wheel drive hot hatch with swollen wheel arches and a carbon roof, for about as much as you’ll pay for something like a Hyundai i30 N Performance Pack or Megane RS with regular front-drive and similar bodywork to stock, both of which can be registered for around S$160+k in Singapore (after the trade-in, finance/insurance incentives).

For more money, your 272hp GR Yaris will gain the Circuit Pack with more serious tyres, lightweight BBS wheels and cleverer differentials and torque vectoring. It’s the one you want.

We still reckon Toyota won’t be able to build them quick enough; the old Yaris GRMN cost little less, came with a less senior spec and sold out easily. In fact, try finding one for sale now.

So, the £30k Yaris – want one?

Our first go in the Toyota GR Yaris is here

STORY Stephen Dobie

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