This Range Rover can match your shotgun

By topgear, 26 January 2020

Here’s a first-world problem for you: don’t you just hate it when your shotgun doesn’t match your car? Yeah, us too. Well, luckily two of the world’s finest gun and carmakers have come together to help wash away your anxiety. Ladies and gents, Royals and Earls, we give you the new Holland & Holland Range Rover.

Looks, like a normal Range Rover, doesn’t it? Well, look a bit closer. No, even closer, as it’s all in the details. Check out the new b-pillar badging, the bespoke etched handles on the inside of the doors, the specially etched metalwork below the gear selector and above the glovebox and the bespoke interior treadplates and motif on the headrests.

Depending on your disposition, this may all seem like some ritzy metallic swirls or tramp stamp tattoos from your local nightclub, but they’re all completely customisable and the etching and wood can match your Holland & Holland gun’s stock and metalwork. Trust us, if Arthur Morgan could drive a car, it’d be this.

If you’re not up with your guns, Holland & Holland is a rather special name. Since 1835, its master crafters have been armed with simple materials and an army of tiny little tools and knocked out exquisite, wonderfully detailed guns to blow things out of the sky. They’re good enough for the poshest of posh people – Royals – having two Royal Warrants, take years to make and can cost north of a quarter-million quid. Yep, that’s for one gun.

That makes the Range Rover a rather cheap holster in comparison. Prices start at £140,000 and can go wildly north from there depending on how custom you want to go.

But for the first time, the Holland & Holland treatment can be applied to a raft of Rangies including the Autobiography, Autobiography Long Wheelbase, SVAutobiography Dynamic and SVAutobiography Long Wheelbase plus five engine options, including PHEVs.

But let’s be honest, the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 on SV derivatives is the best fit for something like this. Because if you want your car to look like your gun, it may as well sound like it too, right?

Soon, like the previous Overfinch Holland & Holland Range Rover, we’ll see a model with a custom-integrated gun rack, a cavernous backseat console/fridge, and a booze cabinet. It might just be peak rah. And the most British thing on the planet. We can’t wait to don some tweed and see it for ourselves. Now, there’s only one thing left for it… “PULL!!!”

STORY Rowan Horncastle

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