SCG is building a Baja-ready kit-car

By topgear, 29 April 2020

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’s Boot is excellent. Effectively a 650hp trophy-truck with numberplates, it’s a thoroughly modern version of the ’67 original Steve McQueen owned and raced in the legendary Baja 1000 and Mint 400.

Indeed, there’s only one problem with SCG’s car. It’s expensive. Arguably good value given how capable it is, but still a great deal of money. So in messages posted to its Facebook and Instagram accounts, SCG has announced it’s “seriously working” on a “Mini Boot” to “offer a SCG product to a wider audience at a lower price point”.

There’s a caveat – you have to build it yourself. The Mini Boot will be sold through the company’s website as a kit of parts “that can be purchased in instalments”. You’ll need to provide your own engine, too – SCG says the Mini Boot will be developed around a 2.2-litre GM EcoTec crate engine and a Sadev transmission.

The standard car will be two-wheel drive, but four-wheel drive will probably be offered as an option, and SCG says it’s keen on “making it eligible for the Baja 1000, Paris to Dakar and other races”.

Finally, a worthy alternative to the Ariel Nomad? We’ll find out when we a) know prices and b) get a go.

PHOTO Jim Glickenhaus/SCG
STORY Tom Harrison

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