Porsche Centre Singapore officially launches and starts to sell the all-electric Taycan

By topgearsingapore, 27 July 2020

Singapore – Porsche Centre Singapore launches the Taycan, the brand's first all-electric four-door sports sedan, with Porsche Singapore hosting a first-ever virtual launch for the sportscar later this year to showcase its cutting-edge technology and performance.

The first variants in the Taycan series – the Turbo S (S$767,988), Turbo (S$623,988) and 4S (S$485,988) – will be available for viewing by appointment only. Quoted prices include GST, registration costs and Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) rebate.

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Taycan customers will enjoy the same complimentary and comprehensive five-year maintenance and warranty programme offered for all Porsche cars by Porsche Centre Singapore, with the battery covered under an eight-year warranty. Customers can opt to extend the vehicle warranty for up to ten years.

Established as the future High-Voltage Expert (HVE) training hub in Porsche’s Asia Pacific region, Porsche Centre Singapore is the only official Porsche appointed agent in Singapore that is able to handle the diagnosis and servicing of Porsche battery electric vehicles (BEV), as well as the testing and storage of Porsche BEV batteries according to Porsche standards.

“As the sole authorised Porsche retailer in Singapore, we are committed to providing our customers with the ease and confidence of owning their first fully-electric Porsche. Our comprehensive maintenance and warranty programme covers all upkeep and repair costs, including regular wear and tear, for a truly seamless and hassle-free ownership experience. Furthermore, Taycan owners can be assured that their vehicles will be in good hands and professionally cared for by E-Performance specialists in our new electric-ready Porsche Service Centre, one of the first in Southeast Asia, that is set up with state-of-the-art equipment for advanced diagnosis and maintenance,” added Mr. Jason Lim, General Manager of Stuttgart Auto.

Various Porsche Charging equipment will be available, including the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect, Porsche Charging Dock and Charging Pedestal, and the Porsche Home Energy Manager. In order to prepare for the optimal charging experience, an online pre-check is offered for interested customers in Singapore to check the basic prerequisites for using the Porsche Charging equipment at home or at the office.

In addition to home charging, the Taycan can also be charged at public charging stations, although there's a plan for selected charging locations provided by Porsche.

“Since the Taycan premiered in Asia Pacific to much excitement last year, developing strategic partnerships with exclusive destinations and charge point operators has been one of our priorities. This is to ensure Porsche customers in Singapore are presented with charging options at home, at Porsche Centre Singapore and other public locations,” said Dr. Henrik Dreier, General Manager – Singapore.

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