Official: Toyota is making a road-legal 4WD super-Yaris

By topgear, 13 December 2019

Toyota has some hot hatch momentum at last. We liked the Yaris GRMN, complete with manic little supercharged engine and dubious stickers, but this is a much more serious bit of kit. This is the Toyota GR Yaris. And yes, it’s also covered in stickers. GR-4, they read.

That’s because the GR Yaris (that’s GR for Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s motorsport arm) won’t be officially revealed until January, at the tuning-mad Tokyo Auto Salon. But Toyota couldn’t help itself. It was bursting to tell you all, like (segue alert) the wider track bursting out of the flexed wheelarches. Oof, stance.

See, Toyota’s made a successful return to the world of rallying, winning the WRC title in 2017 with a Yaris so steroidal it’s been kidnapped by the Russians for Olympic research. But how to get the message that Rallying Is Good out to the wider world?

Well, taking the all-new Yaris and bolting in loads of power, mega-blistered arches and four-wheel drive seems to be a pretty good start.

STORY Ollie Kew

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