Lamborghini has made its 10,000th Aventador

By topgear, 14 September 2020

Meet the 10,000th Lamborghini Aventador, which, although a milestone worthy of celebration, also confirms a sad fact. The era of mid-engined, highly strung supercars dominating Lambo sales is well and truly over. 

It’s taken over double the time as it took the Huracán to reach 10,000 sales, and over four times the period it took the Urus, which reached the figure just a couple of months ago. Much to enthusiast displeasure, SUVs really do sell more than sportscars.

Nevertheless, car number 10,000, destined for the Thai market, is, as you can see from the picture above: an Aventador SVJ Roadster finished in Grigio Acheso - aka a shade of grey - complemented by a red livery. The cabin, meanwhile, is finished in red and black.

The Aventador range debuted in 2011 as a coupe, before a roadster version was introduced a year later. Numerous special editions have followed, including the Aventador SV, the Aventador J and the, um, Aventador SVJ.

So, supercar enthusiasts, what are your thoughts? The end of an era, or just a sign of the times?

STORY Peter Rawlins

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