Hyundai Contactless Test Drive Experience To Be Provided At Selected Condominiums, As Komoco Motors Partners Charge+

By topgearsingapore, 27 January 2022

Singapore - Hyundai’s dealership here, Komoco Motors Pte Ltd, has paired with integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider Charge+ Pte Ltd, to provide contactless test drives of a Hyundai EV directly for selected condominiums and their residents.

The initiative, known as Hyundai Electric Motion, first began with SHELL where the public can continue to pick up a Hyundai Electric Vehicle (EV) from selected SHELL stations (click here for more new locations). Similarly, residents at selected condominiums can make an online booking for a 60-minutes unaccompanied test drive, and experience driving and charging a Hyundai EV at their convenience - at home.

The Hyundai Electric Motion initiative is intended to allow more people to experience EV ownership. “We are happy to partner with Charge+ to extend contactless test drive experience directly to homes of residents at selected condominiums. We are confident that this added convenience of being at the heart of their homes, will enable residents to have a well-rounded experience of electric vehicles and charging,” said Ms Tracy Teo, Marketing Director, Komoco Motors. “To encourage these residents to adopt and ease into EV ownerships, residents at these selected condominiums will be entitled to 5 years of complimentary EV charging credits at Charge+’s nationwide public network, should they choose to purchase a Hyundai electric vehicle.”

“Charge+ and Komoco have enjoyed a strong partnership, driven by our common mission to catalyse EV adoption in Singapore. Tapping on the pent-up demand for EVs among condominium residents, Charge+ is now rapidly proliferating EV charging infrastructure in condominiums, in tandem with LTA support. This new announcement brings together the strengths of both companies, namely the electric mobility leadership of Komoco and the fast-expanding charging network of Charge+ in serving condominiums.” said Mr Goh Chee Kiong, CEO, Charge+.

Between 29 Sep to 12 Oct 2021, Domus Condo was the first of the Charge+ network to experience Hyundai Electric Motion. Mr Morgen, Condominium Manager at Domus Condo shares, “the resident committee members are environmentally conscious and have gotten the condo to install six Charge+ chargers. This initiative has made it convenient for residents to test drive and charge the EV at their own time.”

The initiative was also deployed at One Canberra condominium, where it was warmly received by the residents, allowing their residents to go through the EV experience. Mr Ben Quek, one of the residents and resident’s committee members from One Canberra Condo who benefitted from experiencing the Hyundai Electric Motion shared that, “I find it innovative and useful to be able to test drive the EV at my own time and in the comfort of my home vicinity. I can drive the car on my usual route and back home instead of a preset test drive route, hence giving me and my family more time to experience the car, and let us think if owning an EV is truly feasible.”

One Balmoral, Sky@11 and Latitude, are next on the list to be part of this initiative.

How it works

Open to the public, drivers can book a 60-minute test drive through the Hyundai Electric Motion website by following the steps below:

1. Select your preferred location, date and time. Then click 'Search'.

2. Available test drive vehicle(s) will be shown on screen.

3. Select your preferred vehicle.

4. Re-select another date or time if your preferred vehicle and slot is not available

5. Click here to view the tutorial video for a step-by-step guide on how it works.

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