Welcome back to the Bugatti Baby II – the hugely detailed, brilliantly over-engineered and unbelievably accurate ¾ scale replica of the Bugatti Type 35. We’ve had a go and can confirm it’s exactly as much fun as it looks.

Just 500 of these things will be built by Britain’s The Little Car Company (in partnership with Bugatti itself), the first of which have just been delivered to their lucky owners.

The orange one was commissioned by the operator of a private jet terminal at Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, and will apparently be used for “private transfers to VIP sections of the airport”. It’s a ‘Vitesse’ model – meaning it has a carbonfibre body and a Veyron/Chiron-style ‘Speed Key’ that unlocks a 13.5hp, 68km/h top speed mode.

The ‘Jetex Orange’ hue was specially-developed for this Baby II. It’s also equipped with the ‘Touring Pack’ – which adds high-power LED lights, brake lights, mudguards, front-wings and upgraded wiring – as well as custom 3D-printed logos. The owner also ordered a colour-matched travel case.

Meanwhile the black car – which is a bit more our style – has gone to a Bugatti collector in Belgium. It’s a ‘Pur Sang’ model, with a hand-formed aluminium body that took over 200 hours to fashion, finished in ‘Nocturne Black’ with ‘Terre D’or’ leather to match his actual Type 35. Same powertrain as the Vitesse – a 2.8kWh battery allied to a 13hp electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

The base Baby II costs just shy of €30,000. The Vitesse is €43,500, and the Pur Sang is €58,500. That’s before options, mind. All Baby IIs are totally bespoke, so the sky is very much the limit.

As part of the deal owners get membership to the Bugatti Owner’s Club (bet most of them are already) and The Little Car Club, which plans to organise meetings at various racetracks. The keys come in a special presentation box and you also get a book about the Baby and Bugatti generally.

Next for The Little Car Company is a 2/3 scale replica of the Aston Martin DB5, and it’s just revealed plans for a scaled-up Tamiya Wild One that you can actually drive. We’re a bit excited.

STORY Tom Harrison

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