Say hello to the Alpine A110

First pics of Renault's Cayman-rival released. Oh yes

The unnecessarily long striptease that is the unveiling of Renault’s Porsche 718 rival is nearly over. We already know the Alpine will have a gorgeous, slippery body unsullied by wings and aerofoils, and that said body and chassis will be made mostly from aluminium. We also know it will have around 25bhp from a turbo four, an 1,100kg kerbweight and a 0-100km/h time of less than 4.5secs. But as of today, we know two more things.

First, what it looks like. Ahead of next week’s Geneva Motor Show, Renault has finally issued us with two images of the Alpine in what looks like production-ready guise. And what it looks like is rather gorgeous. Almost exactly like the concept that previewed it, in fact, making the Alpine an early contender for best-looking, somewhat attainable best-of-show.

Second, we’ve finally got confirmation that the mid-engined 4C rival will be called the Alpine A110. It’s an homage to the A110 Alpine launched in 1961 – the car that won the first ever World Rally Championship in 1973, and perhaps Alpine’s best-known car. The name reflects “the timeless principles of compact size, light weight and agility” that made the old car so successful, says Renault.

More specs will be released at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. In the meantime, answer us this: how good would this thing have to be to tempt you away from a Cayman or 4C?

Author: TopGear
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