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B.R.M’s Makrolon models offers wearers an unbearable lightness of being

Going faster is all about strategically shedding weight, and not just the matter of tuning the engine for ‘more performance’, since reducing a vehicle’s unsprung weight helps everything from acceleration to braking and most importantly, dynamics. True to the brand’s motorsports roots, B.R.M fields two models made of Makrolon. Bernard Richards, B.R.M owner, tells us it is the only company manufacturing this material. On the technical difficulties, he explains that, “The difficulty is to keep the dimension to a hundredth of mm to ensure perfect water-resistance, as well as to manufacture the material in such a way that it does not split. Some of Makrolon’s characteristics include being almost unbreakable and very light. It is used in the construction of some side-windows of race-cars, fighter plane cockpits and even helmet visors.”

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David Khoo
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