We’re in love with this G-Wagen campervan conversion

By topgear, 04 May 2020

Remember Lorinser – the German tuning company offering ex-military Puch G-Wagens and restomod versions? Well, the company has now decided to branch out…

Check out the pictures above for its latest creation. Yep, it’s a G-Wagen campervan based on a 1993 230 GE hardtop. Awesome, right?

Lorinser describes the reborn G as an expedition RV with all-wheel drive, a locking rear diff and a 114hp four-cylinder petrol engine.

After almost 88,000km of military service, this particular Puch G was completely refurbished underneath and given a fresh lick of matte green-grey paint, as well as a map-wrap based on the 17th century drawings of cartographer Petrus Bertius. Nice.

Inside there’s refurbished seats up front, whilst the back now features a fold-out bed, auxiliary heating, 220V outlets, a microwave, a combined kitchen and bathroom sink with water tank and a little fold-out table. Thanks to that tall G-Wagen roof it’s more spacious than most London flats too. Plus, there’s even an outdoor shower.

This is the first camper that Lorinser has completed, but if you’re as tempted as we are then a cheque for €69,000 will persuade them to build another specifically for you. Might be time to start that GoFundMe page.

Picture this, Internet: lockdown is over, you’ve got a proper go-anywhere, off-road camper at your disposal and a week off work. Where in the great outdoors are you heading?

STORY Greg Potts

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